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Open a Bank Account at Société Générale Cameroun

Open a Corporate Banking account, its ensuring that you will have an available customer advisor, and specialised in the needs and the environment of your company. Ready to help your company and you, we guarantee adapted solutions as far as taxation and accounting are concerned and an optimum follow-up of the legal and financial management of your activity.

Customer satisfaction at the heart of the quality offer:

Differentiate from competition by providing to its customers, the quality of service which they are looking for, this is Société Générale Cameroun’s priority.  

Proximity improves welcome in our branches: 

With one of the third largest banking network, Société Générale Cameroun has increased to have now about thirty branches. It therefore got closer to its customers, and proposes opening hours which are adapted to your lifestyle Choose at your convenience, the closest branch to your office or home.

The Security of an international group:

Société Générale Cameroun is a subsidiary of the group Société Générale, a group with a solid financial position, a high level of profitability and which is amongst the top banking institutions in the world. When you choose Société Générale as a banking partner, you enjoy the expertise of a great bank, recognized worldwide. 

A dedicated follow-up:

A consumer adviser is ready to answer all your needs and propose to you personalized offers for a quality relationship. At any time, you can discuss with him, during an appointment in your branch, on the phone or through e-mail. In case of unavailability, another consumer adviser takes the lead. This is what team spirit is all about! 

Day-to-day banking services for your business’s everyday management:

We propose a range of products and services specially designed to answer all your needs

  • Your bank accounts available any time thanks to our distance banking products;
  • Manage your activity better on day-to-day with a selection of grouped services offers;
  • Optimize and secure your transactions with bank cards adapted to your company’s management;
  • Obtain the right financing support at each stage of your company’s life.

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Necessary Documents to open an account

Your Corporate Account is the key of your bank relation and registers all the transactions done for your activity. 

Do you want to open a Corporate Account with us? This is easy! With a few pieces of information, your request for an account is registered and you enjoy banking services adapted to your situation. 

The list of documents necessary to open a “Corporate” account at Société Générale Cameroun is not set. Indeed, It changes depending on your company’s legal status. 

For information on the exact list of documents which your company should hand-over, contact Société Générale Cameroun branch or call our standard 233 42 70 10 or 233 42 70 84 or 233 42 70 04 - local call rates.

Find below, the list of documents which can be requested:

  • Customer’s Corporate account creation request;
  • Business Register;
  • Tax Payer Card;
  • Localization plan/ situation/ address proof;
  • Manager or Proxy’s Identity Card’s photocopies
  • Extract of announcement in the newspaper authorized to carry legal advertisements
  • Estimated and/ or actual accounting documents (Annual Statement of Results);
  • Last Annual Report of the parent company if you are a subsidiary;
  • Status (respectful of the new OHADA requirements)
  • Minutes of the board meetings or the board of directors meeting electing the company’s management