Business Visa Card

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The Visa Business Cards is an international bank card designed for Companies, Professionals and “Very Small firms”. It is totally adapted for the payment of the company’s operating costs (purchase of small equipment, stationaries and other services, travel and entertainment expenses).

The +
  • You can buy in 30 million shops around the world;
  • Cash withdrawal in the full Visa network around the world;
  • A payment means which is accepted everywhere, fast, simple, secured and convenient.
  • A Bank card personalized with your company’s name;
  • A wide network of cashpoints open 24h/24 and 7d/7;
  • The daily management of professional expenses is simplified as advances are cancelled
  • An after-sales department to answer all your questions;
  • You are confident that the account is well followed-up with a receipt printed for each withdrawal.


As your company is linked to a principal account as well as a secondary account, you can use the Visa Business Card and the distance banking solution Sogec@shnet, to pay money into the secondary account at any moment. The Visa Business Card can be included to ALLEGIA, our offer for management of fleets of professional bank cards. With the Visa Business Card, access banking simplicity and flexibility!

The Visa Business Card is with no doubt, the bank card which responds to your needs. Indeed, it allows a withdrawal limit which can be changed based on your needs. It makes your expenses management easy. Plus, an automatic debit is done on the account which you choose, and you can define for yourself the different options (withdrawals, payments, authorized amounts, etc.)!


The Visa Business Card is valid two years.


  • Yearly subscription: 84 000 Fcfa/HT- Based on current pricing
  • Commissions on transactions of payments and withdrawals done abroad- Meet your consumer adviser.

Withdrawal and Payment Limit:

To be adapted to your needs

Important Information

  • The Visa Business Card can be linked to a secondary account which handles your overheads.
  • Thanks to, Sogec@ashnet you can pay money into this secondary account to which the Visa Business Card is linked at your convenience.

Insurance and Assistance Guarantees