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An easy solution to finance the terms of payment offered to your customers


Discount your bills of exchange and obtain immediately the resources to manage peacefully your treasury (1).

Your needs:

  • Finance your operating cycle
  • To mobilize the bill of exchanges received from your customers as payments for their invoices.

Our offers:

  • A financing offer adapted to your customer account;
  • A financing of the payment terms offered to your customers;
  • Discount (case-by-case) of some of the bill of exchanges which you own.
The +

A customized offer:

  • Amount;
  • Financial conditions..

An Easy mechanism:

  • Hand over for payment and discount your bill of exchanges;
  • Your account is credited, after quality check of the bill of exchange.

An immediate availability:

  • Discount your bill of exchanges
  • Your account is credited of the amount of your bill of exchange just after its discount.

(1) Subject to validation of your file and a specific convention’s sign-off.


Discount is a cash advance offered by Société Générale Cameroun a compensation to the assignment of a bill of exchange owned for one of your customers (1). Discount can be punctual or permanent (discount line). Any business holder of a Société Générale Cameroun bank account, after agreement from the bank, can have access to this method of financing.


Personalized analysis

The discount mechanism is simple:

  • You have given a payment term to your customer. To formalise this, you have signed with him a bill of exchange on which is mentioned the expected payment date;
  • You hand over to us for discount this bill of exchange, either on paper or electronic(1) format;
  • After quality check of the bill of exchange, Société Générale Cameroun credits your account with the amount of the bill of exchange, subtracted of the discount interests;
  • At bill of exchange’s payment date, the payment is directly paid to Société Générale Cameroun by your customer’s bank(2).

(1) Subject to validation of your file and a specific convention’s sign-off.
(2) Within the limits of the contract’s agreements.