Société Générale Capital Asset Management Central Africa

SOCIETE GENERALE CAPITAL ASSET MANAGEMENT CENTRAL AFRICA, founded by the Société Générale Group with the aim of better satisfying its customers in Central Africa, is a public limited company with a Board of Directors and a share capital of FCFA 500,000,000. Its corporate purpose is  :

"The management of financial assets, specialising mainly in the management of Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS) investing in transferable securities (listed securities, Treasury bills and bonds) in accordance with the regulations in force".


  • Cross-disciplinary expertise in asset management to optimise the front/back customer experience
  • A diversified and inclusive product range
  • Tailor-made solutions and optimisation of capital market investments
  • A team of professionals committed to customer satisfaction
  • A 100% Société Générale distribution and expertise network

Mutual Funds are portfolios of transferable securities managed by professionals and held collectively (in the form of units) by individual or institutional investors.  These savings products are approved by the Commission de Surveillance du Marche Financier de l'Afrique Centrale (COSUMAF). They are invested in various financial instruments (equities, bonds, debt securities, etc.) in accordance with the investment rules defined in the regulations. The entities that manage them (UCI management companies) are also subject to COSUMAF authorisation..

The Mutual Fund is a co-ownership of transferable securities, which issues units. The unitholder has none of the rights conferred on a shareholder. FCP units are sold by distributors or by the Management Company. The Management Company is responsible for the administrative, accounting and financial management of the FCP; the Custodian is mainly responsible for checking that management decisions taken on behalf of the FCP are in order and for ensuring that the FCP's assets (securities, cash) are properly safeguarded, and the Statutory Auditor is responsible for certifying certain of the Mutual Fund's accounting documents.

What are the benefits of investing in Mutual Funds ?

§A wide range of products to meet an objective and a level of risk chosen by the investor in advance;

§Subscriptions for unit amounts that can be low; ;

§Access, through the portfolio invested, to a wide range of financial instruments and markets in the CEMAC zone and internationally;

§Management by regulated professionals;

§A legal and regulatory framework including, in particular, control of the product by an auditor (annual accounts, periodic information) and by the Commission de Surveillance du Marche Financier de l'Afrique Centrale (COSUMAF), as well as control of the Management Company by the custodian and by COSUMAF;Precise investment rules to diversify risk;

§ Specific investment rules to diversify risk;

§Investment guidelines set out in the product information document;

§Fees charged to investorssubscription, management and redemption costs - that are easily identifiable and therefore comparable;

§The possibility of buying and selling relatively quickly (except in exceptional market conditions).



SOGEFIRST Mutual Fund is a bond and debt securities fund, a medium- and long-term savings solution approved by the Central African financial market regulator (COSUMAF), and invests primarily in private and public bonds from the CEMAC zone. It is aimed at any investor with stable savings to invest for at least 12 months.

Why choose SOGEFIRST Mutual Fund ?

Investing in the SOGEFIRST mutual fund enables unitholders to : 

§Boost the management of their savings, thanks to the expertise of our teams; 

§Benefit from the best returns offered by bond issues in the CEMAC zone (higher rates than traditional savings); 

§Possibility of withdrawing their assets at any time.

Key benefits for the investor

§Authorised by the regulator for the CEMAC zone (COSUMAF) ; 

§Strict monitoring of fund management by the regulator ; 

§Mutual fund yields are more attractive than traditional bank investments ;

§You can increase or decrease your investment ;

§Free entry to and exit from the fund ;

§Allows you to plan ahead for your family's future and prepare for retirement ;

§Builds medium- and long-term capital to carry out projects.

Target subscribers 

§Institutions : banks, insurance companies, pension funds ;

§Corporate customers ;

§Individuals : civil servants, private sector employees etc. ;

§International investors.

The overall strategy is to minimise the impact of interest rates while balancing risk according to the financial strength of the Issuers over the 5-year investment term.

How to subscribe ?

qAccount Manager in Société Générale Cameroun

qPhone : 233 50 18 18

qE-mails :

§Société Générale Capital Asset Management Central Africa : asset.management@socgen.com 

§Société Générale Capital Securities CEMAC : sgcapital.cemac@socgen.com

The Net Asset Value of  SOGEFIRST mutual fund is calculated weekly, every Thursday.

Publication date of the first NAV: 01/02/2024