Finance and manage your customers debts


You want to grow your business or strengthen your company’s positioning in the market? You are looking for financial resources to optimize your operating profitability? You wish to have more control on your business risks? We propose concrete offers to develop your activities. Factoring is one of those!

Finance your sales and optimize your financial management:

  • Increase your financing capacity;
  • Improve your working capital
  • Optimize the use of your equity capital.

Guarantee against non-payments (through a COFACE credit-insurance policy):

  • Secure your payments and keep your profitability safe;
    Have access to an information source to evaluate the risk of your customers and prospects.

Manage your customer debts:

  • Improve your payment terms;
  • Decrease your administrative charges as they are externalized to the factor and focus on your core business;
  • Société Générale Cameroun follows-up collection of outstanding debts, identifies and allocates the payments;
  • You only manage the exceptions treatment while maintaining great relationships with your customers.
The +
  • 90% guarantee
  • Easy and straightforward pricing
  • A wide and sustained financing capacity


The contract’s management:

After an interview with your consumer adviser or/and the factoring adviser, you receive a form meant to do a diagnosis of your customer account. As soon as the form is received by the bank; your file is studied; in case of acceptance, a contract is prepared and sent to you for signature. After sign-off, the Factoring Adviser explains you how to carry out a smooth transition. 

Daily Transactions:

  • Sales and Invoicing:
    You send out an invoice mentioning the payment clause in favour of Société Générale Cameroun (subrogation stamp).
  • Debts Transfer:
    You send to Société Générale Cameroun a slip for assignment of receivables along with your invoices.
  • Guarantee and Financing:
    Société Générale Cameroun credits your current account of the amounts of the invoices handed over as per contract conditions. Your debts are financed anytime, as per your needs.
    > Recollection and Management:
    Before and after your invoices payment’s date, Société Générale Cameroun contacts your customers in full respect of your business relationships.
    > Payments:
    Société Générale Cameroun receives your customer’s payments, deposits and allocates them.


  • 90% Guarantee:
    In case of your client’s insolvency, your Société Générale Cameroun’s contract guarantees the payment of 90% of your invoice.
  • A financing commission is retained at month end, based on actual usage of the financing facility;
    A factoring commission manages all the Société Générale Cameroun’s services and pays for the full handling of your customer account. It is a percentage of the total revenue managed.
  • A wide and sustained financing capacity:
    In comparison with a standard bank credit, you have access to a financing capacity which is linked to the growth of your business, instead of being limited to safety amount. Thanks to that, you minimise the risk of reduction or suspension of the financing line in case of poor financial health of your company.

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