Short-Term deposit

A garanteed productivity within the term you choose


A saving customized and safe offer, for a short-term placement or money that you want to reinvest on a project. Amount, term and interest rate are aligned at subscription.

A short-term deposit account whose term you decide on:

  • The capital is placed for a term determined in advance, from 1 to 24 months,
  • The funds (capital + interests) are automatically transferred to your current account at term;
  • Unique deposit as from 150.000 Fcfa..

Conditions are known from Day 1 and capital is guaranteed:

  • The interest is established at subscription of the short-term deposit account, as per the term chosen for the placement and the current interest rates on the monetary market;
  • Capital is guaranteed from contract subscription.
The +
  • A saving offer which is customized and safe
  • Interests defined at subscription
  • You choose the placement term



Any individual with a current account at Société Générale Cameroon.


1 to 24 months, duration decided at subscription. Extension is not possible.


  • Any time for the whole placement;
    An anticipated withdrawal comes with A downgrade of the initial interest rate..


Interests paid at term;


100.000 Fcfa.


  • Guaranteed interests from day 1 and for the entire placement duration depending on the daily conditions and the monetary market ;
  • Contact your Société Générale Cameroun branch to have all information on the conditions applicable when you subscribe.