Rechargeable Card

Remain on top of your work expenses


The Rechargeable Card is an international bank card built for companies. It helps a staff member on assignment to pay for his professional expenses or to withdraw cash. You don’t have to worry about overspends or paying any bank charges, as the card stops working when all the amount which was payed into has been spent.

The +
  • Cash withdrawal and payments in all shops affiliated to the VISA Network in Cameroon and all over the world;
  • A convenient, secured, fast and easy payment means which is accepted everywhere;
  • An improved management of your work expenses.


With the rechargeable card:

  • You can control the amounts which you put at disposal of your employees;
  • Your Visa Rechargeable Card is linked to the account dedicated to your overheads.
  • You can pay money into that account anytime by using our distance banking solution Sogec@shnet ;
  • Money can be paid into your card anytime depending on your needs
  • The prepaid card can be included to ALLEGIA(1), our offer for management of fleets of professional bank cards.

Insurance and Assistance Guarantees


(1) Meet your consumer adviser