Messalia PRO

Be calm, you will receive an SMS in case of need!


Messalia Pro is an SMS alert service, proposed to Business customers (craftsmen, traders, liberal professions and very small companies). It enables you to receive the critical information related to the management of your business account.

The +
  • Easy management of your account
  • Alerts on returned cheques, helps you to react quickly,


Several types of alerts can be scheduled as per your needs  

  • Balance: my current account’s balance once per week 
  • Credit Transactions: an alert in case of any credit transaction of an amount superior or equal to a minimum limit agreed. 
  • Receipt of transactions: the last two transactions on the account once per week
  • Overdraft: an alert in case the account falls into overdraft
  • Chequebook: an alert on availability of my chequebook in my branch
  • Bank Card: availability of a credit card in my branch
  • Out standing’s repayment