Recruitment process

Our approach to recruitment is based on a work ethic which guarantees complete transparency and objectivity. As talent, can be present in different ways, we strive to promote competency and ethic at all levels and engage in treating with respect and equity all our candidates.

Your competencies and your motivation are the only things which matter!

Our talents come through different channels, namely vacancy posting in local newspapers, from our recruitment website, from posting, or indirectly from renowned head hunters. Our recruitment process is homogeneous and applies to all candidates, students, young graduates or experienced professionals.

Step 1 - Candidature

In all offers which we propose, there is a description of the key missions and expectations of the position to fill, along with the competencies needed. Candidatures which are contacted for the rest of the process, primarily meet this profile. However, we accept spontaneous candidatures. They are our external candidates breeding ground, and are considered depending on the opportunity.

Step 2 – Short-listing

Our recruitment team analyses your candidature based on the job description’s profile and contacts you through e-mail or phone call.

Step 3 - Selection

If you are short-listed, you will be invited for a functional or generic test (exception of the candidatures recommended by head hunters). The best performing candidates will then be invited to interviews with Human Resources and the Function recruiting. For manager positions, these interviews will be judged by a grand jury composed of the Managing Director and members of the board of directors.

Step 4 – Recruitment and Integration

If you are selected for the position which you applied for, you will be contacted by the Human Resource Team, for contract sign-off.

To ease the integration of new comers, a mini bank tour is organised to help them with a better knowledge of their environment and the different Cross-functional interactions which they may have.