Currency Exchange Transactions

Our motto, protecting you from currency exchange risk


As the currency exchange risk concerns everyone, we propose different tools for forward protection. Protect your business margins from currencies rate fluctuations!

The currency exchange risk is a permanent reality and a crucial issue for several companies both for import and export. During an advisory interview, we will look at your situation together and propose forward exchange contracts, which best fit your investor profile and your strategy.

We will propose a range of customized products and recommendations:

  • Classic Forward exchange contract: Lock in today the exchange rate which will be used in the future. This is or the company which knows precisely its future payment dates, and wishes to protect its margins by a definitive guarantee of exchange rate of purchase or sales of its currencies;
  • Flexible Forward exchange contract:For the company who does not precisely know its payment dates and wants to cover a set of transactions to protect its margins:
    > Direct and free access to the Société Générale Paris trading room with an annual volume of foreign exchange of 600 Ms FCFA;
    > Daily information dedicated to foreign exchange market key performance indicators thanks to the Société Générale’s Letter of the Markets.