Long-Term Rental

Finance your professional cars!


Thanks to our Long-Term Rental (LTR) offer proposed to our customers since 2009, it is easy to externalise totally or partially the management of your multi-brand car fleet and ensure your staff mobility.

Let us handle the financing and management of your car fleet, we will take responsibility for the financing of your car fleet and we will offer you a customized choice of services such as your cars’ maintenance (pneumatic, fuel, etc.), a technical assistance with availability of replacement cars thanks to a contract signed for a 12 to 60 months’ period based on your company’s needs

A secured offer, resulting of the experience of a solid partnership with car dealers:

  • You choose the car of your choice, full options included. Société Générale Cameroon, the renter, buys the car with a significant discount and rents it to you, with or without additional services. You hand over the car at contract end or you can leave with a new car(1)!
  • Take advantage of experts’ pieces of advice, on your car policy and optimize all the costs linked to your car fleet.
The +
  • Control your car budget
  • Your accounting is made easier
  • You pay only for what you use
  • No financial risk


Long Term Rental (LTR), is an advantageous and flexible financing offer! You rent the car of your choice for a 12 to 60 months’ period with a determined mileage.

You control your car budget:

  • Significant discounts: thanks to our purchase power, you benefit from attractive discounts on cars’ purchase price;
  • An “all included” budget: rental, maintenance, insurances, pneumatics, assistance, replacement car, depending on the services you choose.

You are more performing!

You have a working tool which is sure, always available and perfectly maintained.

Your accounting is made easier!

The rents are allocated to operating costs spread on the use period. Therefore, they have no other incidence on your balance sheet’s structure and you protect your financing capacity.

You pay only for what you use!

At end of contract, a re-evaluation of the rents paid is done as per the actual usage of the car.

No financial risk!

At contract end, you hand over the cars without worrying about resale. Plus, you can instead start a new contract.

Eligibility Conditions to the LTR service:

  • Mileage defined upfront: from 10 000 to 150 000 km in exchange of a monthly rent;
  • A car fleet of 20 cars minimum;
  • The Car is handed-over at contract end – The contract can be changed throughout its duration.
  • Eventually, repair fees or above-kilometric allowances will be paid where appropriate.


All Corporate customers, holder of a Société Générale Cameroun account, subject to acceptance of his file.

An offer which adapt to your needs:

  • You choose the vehicle of your choice: all brands and all car models;
  • Negotiation power with car dealers;
  • A customised study;
  • An all-in-one offer;
  • Attractive monthly rents;
  • Your cash-flow is protected and maintained.