All accidents damages


When you manage a leasing transaction, the lender must prove that all equipment or vehicles financed are appropriately covered with the right insurance policy. Société Générale Cameroun proposes a complete range of insurance policies to protect your investment in equipment or your vehicle:

  • The Financial Loss Guarantee;
  • The Equipment Protection Guarantee;
  • The All Accidents Guarantee (light-duty vehicles, heavy-goods vehicles, passenger transport services).
The +
  • Easy Set-up
  • Coverage of all customers with a Car leasing contract, for rolling or non-rolling stock;
  • Advance funding of the indemnity by Société Générale Cameroun and debit done at the same time than the leasing rent;
  • Guarantees takes effect as from the day the equipment or the vehicle is taken in charge by the tenant;
  • Guarantee and financing durations are the same.


The All Accidents Damage Guarantee: an insurance for light-duty vehicles, heavy-goods vehicles and passenger transport services:

With the All Accidents Damage Guarantee insurance policy, you guarantee the car’s value in case of claim. This insurance supports to repair the car or pay the remaining owed amount to Société Générale Cameroun. 

In case of a complete claim, you are compensated depending on the highest value at claims date between the two following values:

  • Economic value of the asset under claim;
  • The capital still owed to Société Générale Cameroun.

In case of partial claim, you are compensated based on repair fees amount (free from taxes), deducted of the excess.

Guarantees offered for the Vehicle – Third-Parties Protection:

  • Public Liability Insurance (Zero excess);
  • Fire Third Parties Appeal (Zero excess);
  • Defence Action (Zero Excess).

Car’s Protections:

  • Theft, Partial Theft, Holdup, fire (Excess per event of 10% with a minimum of 1 000 000 Fcfa);
  • Plate Glass Risk (excess of 5% with a minimum de 50 000 Fcfa);
  • All Accidents Claims (Excess 10% with a minimum of 200 000 Fcfa).

People carried:

  • Death: 2 000 000 Fcfa ;
  • Disability: 2 000 000 Fcfa ;
  • Medical Expenses: 200 000 Fcfa.


Read in our branches, the Car General Conditions.