The offer to choose for purchase of a new equipment!


Leasing is a financing offer which consists in rental, with a sale’s promise at the end of the leasing period, at a fixed price defined at contract’s sign-off for any rolling or non-rolling stock for professional use. It is the financing method to choose for purchase of a new equipment

During the leasing period, we (the lessor and the owner) put at the disposal of your company (the renter), an equipment which you have chosen, in exchange of the rent you pay. Very easy, this financing solution can adapt to the specificities of your company. 

An easy and flexible financing of up to 85% all taxes inclusive of your investment amount:

Most professional equipment can be financed through leasing (transports car, industrial equipment, public work vehicles, etc.). Société Générale Cameroun allows you to finance a wide range of equipment, first or second hand, of a minimal value of 8 Mos F cfa, tax exclusive.

Choice of the financing modalities:

  • The leasing period depends on the chosen equipment (it is generally close to the fiscal depreciation period);
  • The rents remain constant and are paid monthly;
  • You must also contribute with the first rent marked up The rate is fixed;
  • The payment dates for the leasing rents are constant all through the credit term.

The supplier’s choice

With Société Générale Cameroun, you choose the equipment to buy from the supplier you want to deal with. You are on top of the business negotiations with him, and we handle the rest (order, invoice payment, etc.).

The +
  • Favourable taxation
  • Cash-flow is maintained
  • Financing cost is controlled
  • Financing is customized


Contract’s management:

The contract is characterized by minimum formalities and great flexibility when it comes to an end. 

Formalities are simplified! Société Générale Cameroun buys on your behalf the chosen equipment and rents it to you for the contract period:

  • Contractual documents are established by Société Générale Cameroun (subject to review of your financing request file by your Société Générale Cameroun consumer adviser);
  • Equipment is ordered as soon as contract’s formalities are settled;
  • The record of receipt (which confirms the equipment delivery) and the hand-over of the final invoice under the name of Société Générale Cameroun, launch the contract and the automatic debit of the rent on your bank account;
  • The equipment is directly paid to the supplier.

Several options at contract’s term:

  • Purchase the equipment at a price defined upfront (residual value) by exercising your option to buy;
  • Equipment is returned.

A complete range of insurance policies is available:

With our offer, an insurance policy which is adapted to your needs is proposed to ensure the sustainability of your investment.

Easy to launch and quite flexible, leasing enables financial and tax optimization and for this reason, stands out from other financing options.

A favourable taxation:

The rents are operating costs and therefore completely deductible from the taxable result. You therefore reduce your tax calculation base, within the “tax authorized rules.

Cash-flow is maintained:

You don’t have advances on TVA or insurance, as they are paid when you pay the rents. You therefore maintain your debt capacity and your cash-flow.

Financing cost is controlled:

Leasing does not cost more than a standard loan.

Financing is customized:

Société Générale Cameroon Leasing offer finances up to 85% of the investment amount.