Your business in one click!


Secured website designed for transactions, Sogec@shnet lets you access your corporate accounts, wherever you are. From Cameroon or abroad, from any internet browser, remain connected to your bank 24h/24 – 7d/7!

Very simply, for Sogec@shnet, you need a regular internet connexion, with no specific software to install on your computer! The security of your transactions is 100% ensured, you access the Sogec@shnet service thanks to an authentication which guarantees optimum data protection

With Sogec@shnet, we are permanently available to answer your needs, with a secured instant messaging platform, through which you can contact your consumer adviser and send him/her at any moment the necessary documents for your activity’s management. 

An exchange and information real-time channel!

The +
  • 100% secured.
  • You are aware of any transaction/movement on your account;
  • Ease the receipt and processing of your bank transactions;
  • Optimize decision making
  • Improve and accelerate
  • Save time: optimize your forwarding deadlines
  • Save your data and simplify your administration processes

In the Rates

3 offers designed to meet your expectations:

    Offered to SME’s, enjoy an online performing management tool, equipped with:
    > Two Digipass security systems
    > Access to 5 drawing accounts
    > Access to your engagement accounts
    > Download your balance and statements
    > You can do domestic transfers
    > You can transfer order files (MT 101, other formats)
    > You can order chequebooks
    > You can access your accounts domiciled in other banks
    > Book an appointment with your consumer adviser;
    > Access the mailing box Sogec@shnet;

    Open to our business customers, the Sogec@shnet Pro offer is composed of:
    > A Digipass security system
    > Access to 5 drawing accounts
    > Access to your engagement accounts
    > The possibility to do domestic transfers (as per determined limits)
    > Alerts receipt on the last transactions up to date on the accounts;
    > Book an appointment with your consumer adviser;
    > Access the mailing box Sogec@shnet.

    Open to Big Size Firms, enjoy the Sogec@shnet Premium offer with the following advantages:
    > Two additional Digipass security systems;
    > Unlimited access to your drawing accounts
    > Alerts receipt for each movement on your bank account;
    > Opportunity to do international wires;
    > Right to order chequebooks
    > View your temporary balance;
    > Download specific reporting items


A complete reporting on your activity:

  • Access your drawing account, your saving account;
  • Download your statements MT940, CSV, the debit, credit and received transfers advice, your bills, your amortization plan, your interests scale, the notices of returned cheque,
  • Access your 90-days account history;
  • Edit the document giving details of your bank accounts ;
  • Access your accounts domiciled in other banks.

Real time:

Follow your bank transactions of the day and view your account’s real time balance. Thanks to Sogec@shnet, you have a performing cash-flow management tool. Indeed, at the end of the day, you can view all events which occurred and calculate an indicative balance which takes into account all those transactions just in one click!

Orders are received and processed easily:

Make easier your business management, by processing your payments with immediate effect or at term, without moving! With Sogec@shnet, process your orders easily and quickly and have access to our archiving service. You can therefore have an historic of all the bank transactions processed. This is without any doubt an advantage in your cash-flow management!

Register your main beneficiaries:

With the Keyboarding tool for the beneficiaries of your main orders, make your life easier with a shared or personal list of your key stakeholders. Flexible, the Sogec@shnet tool, enables changes to the list of beneficiaries anytime while ensuring control of your account transactions, thanks to an electronic signature system (Digipass) thanks to which you can validate at any moment, the beneficiaries list typed in and updated.

An optimum management of authorizations:

Sogec@shnet is a tool designed to simplify the operational management of your company. It gives access to the platform to one or several individuals thanks to an efficient and secured handling of the authorizations per type of transactions, the electronic signature of transactions done and thanks to the establishment of limits for the different bank transactions realised.

Your account’s security is ensured by the creation of a system « Response Only ». This system generates an access code with a limited life, which can be used only once and enables orders signature if it ensures the nature of the beneficiaries. Thanks to this distance management tool, Société Générale Cameroun guarantees:

  • The mastery of the beneficiaries of your bank transfers,
  • Control of the maximum limits per type of orders authorized,
  • An optimum security thanks to the possibility of a multiple signature for the orders realised and the encryption of the internet data;
  • Data protection ensured by an automatic disconnection after a certain length of inactivity.
  • Dedicated support in daily usage of Sogec@shnet: