Corporate Placement Account

Optimize your cash surplus


Small or big, for every company, financing is a great need. We engage in offering services which can back up your business growth. Discover now the Corporate Placement account, the saving offer; best fitted to optimize your cash surplus. The Corporate Placement Account is opened for free and you pay no fees for any transfer done or received on the account.

The +
  • Regular saving of your cash surplus thanks to transfers (occasional or permanent);
  • A stable interest for your saving ;
  • A saving secured and available with no fees or penalties ;
  • You can view and execute your transactions online via SogeC@shNet ;
  • A potential guarantee for a credit request.


How does the Corporate Placement Account works?

  • No transfer or balance limits ;
  • No limitations in time ;
  • Minimum transfer : 50 000 Fcfa (initial deposit of 100 000 Fcfa for business customers and 500.000 Fcfa for SME’s) ;
  • Minimum balance: 50 000 Fcfa.


What advantages for you?

  • Your cash surplus have stable interests ;
  • You build your savings through occasional or permanent transfers ;
  • This saving is immediately available when you need it by a simple account-to-account transfer with no fees or penalties ;
  • Your accounts remain available 24/24, 7/7 thanks to our online banking service SogeC@shNet ;
  • With the Corporate Placement Account, you have a potential guarantee for a credit request.