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Documentary Credit

Choose the Import Documentary Credit


You are an importer and you are looking for an offer which helps you to:

  • Cover your business risk (no delivery, exporter’s failure, etc.);
  • Guarantee a delivery which respects the conditions and terms (delivery time, quantity, price, quality and conformity of the goods, etc.)
  • Pay your foreign supplier only if he respects the contract’s conditions and terms;
  • Obtain longer payment terms.

As an importer, we offer you, the documentary credit, a payment means which helps you:

  • Buy goods and services in security
    To ensure that you are handed over documents which are conform to what you negotiated;
    Obtain payment terms.

foreign supplier, we offer you, the import credoc, a cash collection means which enables him to:

  • Be guaranteed of the payment of its debt at aligned term, thanks to the irrevocable commitment of Société Générale, neutral third-party recognized worldwide;
  • To discount its debt, if need be to its bank or to Société Générale Cameroun, based on Société Générale’s signature, recognized all over the world.

Manage your import and export documentary credit transactions online, thanks to our International Trade website. This portal also enables you to manage online all your documentary transactions