Suppliers E-Purchase

Bring some changes to your relationship with your distributor network, that is also what we call team spirit!



Suppliers, discover Société Générale Cameroun’s E-Purchase service, the must-have offer to optimize your relationships with your distributors network.

This offer is the custom-designed offer to:

  • Guarantee and accelerate your cash collections;
  • Delete cash payments;
  • Receive real-time information on the collections
  • Build up your distributor’s customer loyalty;
  • Decrease the reminders;
  • Grow your business peacefully;
  • Enjoy a dynamic reporting tool for great follow-up of your income
  • Master your distributors’ outstanding payments while making sure that on the length, they have the necessary means for your products distribution.
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Steps of an e-purchase transaction:

Understand how the E-Purchase offer works by downloading the below figure


Société Générale Cameroun builds on its well-recognized expertise in electronic banking and Cameroonian SME’s financings.

Technically, the offer involves:

  • A private Purchase Visa card, with immediate debit, configured to work only on the Distributor’s Electronic Payment Terminal
  • An Electronic Payment Terminal dedicated to the Purchase Bank card, and able to pay up to 5 different suppliers;
  • Automatic receipt of electronic transaction notice, to your supplier and you, as soon as the transaction is completed. Confident to have received its payment, your supplier can ‘launch the delivery immediately;
  • A Financing offer of the working capital need, linked to its product resale. This credit line dedicated to the card, can be customised as per the monthly purchases to the authorized suppliers. This financing capacity through the card is revolving, considering that the distributor must reimburse it in totality, once per month;
  • Assistance to the merchants using electronic banking with an 8h per day service, 5 days over 7.