YUP Business

A 100% simple and secure digital solution for businesses and their employees


YUP allows businesses to benefit from a dedicated offer, YUP Business, to meet your dematerialization needs for your transactions.

This launch, which comes after those of Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal and Burkina Faso, is part of Société Générale's strategy to play a major role in financial inclusion as well as its desire to strengthen its catalog of services to Businesses in terms of the digitization of transactions. 

YUP Business allows you to :

  • Pay salaries and other miscellaneous costs (mission expenses, bonuses, snacks, etc.) to your permanent or temporary staff, with or without bank accounts, from a simple and secure platform ;
  • Accept electronic money payments instead of cash or check payments.
  • A 100% simple and secure digital solution for businesses and their employees ;
  • A solution that can be used in full mobility even when roaming ;
  • A universal solution that works with all chips and on any type of phone and computer /tablet ;
  • An accessible and affordable offer.


Benefits of YUP Business to businesses:

  • Reduction of risks associated with handling cash ;
  • Better monitoring of transactions: the employer feeds its YUP electronic money account by bank transfer and loads the payment file directly to the dedicated platform ;
  • An execution report sent by email to the address indicated for each payment made ;
  • Time saving: your resources are no longer mobilized for cash transactions and they can collect their salaries/fees locally outside working hours ;
  • Reports are available for download on the platform for your reconciliation needs.

Benefits of YUP Business to employees:

  • Time-saving: Salaries are instantly paid to e-wallets with an SMS notification ;
  • Agility and proximity: Possibility of making cash withdrawals from all SG Cameroon Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) or from one of the 5 000 YUP points spread throughout the country ;
  • Flexibility: The possibility of making free money transfers from a YUP account to another YUP account (important for all employees in remote areas who have to send the "food rations" to their families) ;
  • Diversity: A wide range of services from your phone such as the purchase of telephone airtime from any operator, payment of ENEO/CANAL + bills, payment of your purchases at partner points (petrol stations, bakeries/supermarkets, pharmacies, etc. .) ;
  • Security: Strong authentication on withdrawals (secret code required and transaction validation by a ring tone);
  • Universality: All employees can become YUP customers without having to change operator (Camtel, Yoomee, MTN, Orange) and regardless of the type of phone (smartphone or basic).

Contact us on: yup.info@socgen.com or customer service (237) 233 50 18 18.